Suzanne Alyssa Andrew

I'm a storyteller  



I’m the author of a novel and a comic book.

I'm also a freelance writer, journalist and editor, and president and biographer-in-chief of Biograflyer. Browse my favourite projects from my portfolio.


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Biograflyer Storytelling Journalism

Biograflyer helps professionals like you communicate who you are, and what you have to offer, in a meaningful way. 

I write fiction: novels, short stories, comic books, game scripts and transmedia narratives. I also provide freelance writing across platforms.

I write about music, literature and art for magazines including NOW, Quill & Quire and Canadian Art. I'm also associate editor for Taddle Creek magazine.

I write:

  • fiction
  • biographies
  • meaningful stories
  • works with an impact
  • feature articles
  • guidebooks

My Latest Projects…

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